Army discharge records

If you are looking for army enlistment military records in the U.S., use this database to find people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people of army enlisted records brief for US servicemen in army, and discharged soldiers (both honorable and dishonorable).

You can use this army enlistment records online to  search online army enlistment records for discharge records for the army, air force and marines.

There are several way in which a soldier may be discharged:

  • Honorable
    Soldier must receive a rating from good to excellent for service to be honorably discharged.
    Usually one need to have good duty performance and personal conduct, and completed tours of duty.
    Marines must rate in proficiency and conduct 3.0/4.0 or higher.
  • General
    If soldiers performance (and condoct) was good, but something was done wrong – in performance or conduct, he may get general (under honorable) discharge. It may cause problems in civilian life, for example in participation in the GI Bill and veterans commissions. A commander mus present, in writing, why soldier was dicharged not honorably, and discharged person may seek counsel and present his statements.
  • Clemency Discharge
    President Ford proclaimed this way for people who resisted Vietnam War (which war is a shame in U.S. history). It also allowed people who fleed form country to return.
  • Other Than Honorable (OTH)
    This is the worst form of discharge, that can be made by adminstrative decission, not in court. If a soldier seriously depart froom conduct and performance expected in army, he may be “Other Than Honorable” discharged, but has rigt to appeal to administrative discharge board.
  • Bad Conduct
    It is given by court-martial, soldier will not get veterans’ benefits.
  • Dishonorable
    For serial offense, like murders, general court-martial may dichage soldier in dishonorable way.


Each discharged soldier gets dd214 form from HRC. You can search for discharge records here.


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