Australian army records

Finding Australian army records.

The military data bank of the Australian government have preserved an enormous collection of different national, historical and government records for the more than 100 years of its record keeping services. is your one-stop portal to help you get information related to the finding of Australia army records online.

World War I & the Anzacs.

ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps which was the coalition  soldiers  of Australia and New Zealand formed in 1915 as part of the allied expedition troops  that penetrated Gallipoli, a Turkish peninsula off the coast of the Aegean Sea. The Gallipoli cove where more than 50,000 Anzacs have fought  was a vital gateway in the Black Sea which aided the Allied navy forces in conquering Constantinople, the seat of the Ottoman Empire and Germany’s ally during the war.

World War II & the Australian Army.

The Australian army was the largest military contingent of Australia during World War II. It was formed coming from the smaller Permanent Military Forces (PMF) units. The full force of the Australian army was later fortified to make up the so called Second Imperial Force which was assigned to augment with the Allied forces in fighting against the central powers on the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. The Australian army also fought the Japanese across the South West Pacific during the war and help the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in conquering Japan starting 1946.

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