Canadian army records


All parties interested in finding or securing military and historical records of Canadian military personnel, always bear in  mind that fulfilling each request takes time since the process is no easy task and often requires meticulous and detailed accordance, discipline and adherence to guidelines and protocols being implemented within the system. We therefore request parties involved to accord patience and understanding and most of all discipline just like the way how each soldier understand following the chain of commands.

The Canadian archives & records repositories.

The Canadian government held its military records and documents can be found in several authorized repositories and information offices. It is therefore convenient and wise if the search can be conducted with an able and reliable search partner to help you locate the subject documents.



Pre-colonial & ancestral records.

In searching for Canada’s aboriginal, ancestral and pre-war registry records, it is best to know Canada’s roots and origins to find directions about the search. Some of Canada’s earliest known inhabitants were Indians(First Nations), arctic people (Inuit) and the aboriginal settlers (Metis). Indian First Nations were said to have entered into pacts and treaties with the Crown government or the United Kingdom which later on resulted to the creation of the so-called Indian Register that served as the registry of the Indian aborigines and early inhabitants of Canada used and being referred to in terms of granting of reserves, claims and entitlement to rights and benefits.


Canada’s military and war registry.

Canada’s history of documented military records dates back as early as the 16th century.

Tracing military records.

If you have someone in the family who was a war veteran and someone who have experienced serving during the war, most likely you might have been hearing over and over again tales and stories about the war. Stories, old memorabilia, letters and photographs can help in the search and can give clues and hidden information in tracing about the subject military record.Old photographs, war stories and  memorabilia can help reveal information about the search.

Canada and its war veterans.



Military records during the Colonial era.

One thought on “Canadian army records”

  1. I would much appreciate your help in finding records of 2 Canadian soldiers in WW2. Their names are:
    – Captain J H Paton
    – Lieut Edward Leese
    These men were prisoners of war during 1944-1945 in Germany. The camp was OFLAG XllB, in Hadamar, West Germany.
    Any records, letters or diaries would be very welcome. My father, Guy Nicolson was in the same camp during those years.
    John Nicolson

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