Military service records

Finding military service records

The militia behind that empowers the war.

Conflict, disputes, aggression and protection of interests  due to greed power, causeless hatred and selfish ideologies were just some of the few reasons why people go to war.  Men and women of the land were called upon and drafted into military units equipped with armaments to service and defend territories and boundaries to  bring forth order and peace among men. The people where the military who were put on every frontline to defend the nation’s sovereignty, honor and initiate peace. The roles the military personnel have taken under oath and allegiance.  The military personnel  were the foremost driving force behind every war in the world.

Uncovering the lost pages of a Soldier’s past.

After the war, as each nation hastily brought back everything to order, many of the military service records, documents and information were likewise lost due to the havoc brought by the wars. One of the most displaced if not the most torn lives were those of the lives of a soldier and military personnel. And after two great wars – World War I and World War II, the life of a military personnel was like a jigsaw puzzle so torn and broken that completing and making every piece whole again seems very impossible and a real challenge.

But thanks to the facilities brought by the digital age and the so-called military archivists, a soldier’s life obscured by time and torn by war can now be pieced back to make them continue whatever was left as they treasure the priceless memories.

The Archives.

The Archives was the repository that houses vast accumulated official records and documents produced from the different administrative, legal, social and commercial activities of the different government bodies for permanent preservation, catalogue and registry management. These records primarily in their original and indigenous state are kept and permanently preserved in perpetuity as official government reference and historical account.

The Military Archives.

The Archives was the repository that houses vast accumulated official records and documents produced from the different administrative, legal, social and commercial activities of the different government bodies for permanent preservation, catalogue and registry management. These records primarily in their original and indigenous state are kept and permanently preserved in perpetuity as official government reference and historical account.

War registries, draft cards, old photographs, postcards, war diaries, medals and other memorabilia. These are what has left from all the legacy, lost lives and memories of millions of soldiers and other military personnel that has been kept in memorial by different government archives and military record repositories all over the world.

Information professionals and experts.

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Genealogists, archivists and researchers are the people whose profession and expertise deals with search, preservation, collection, indexing, organizing various facts and on all types of media information significant and related to military personnel and records.

What it normally takes finding military personnel records?

Most people who are looking for military service records will find themselves initially searching using through the online facilities found on the internet. You can find some online but not all. Aside from your patience, being resourceful and your determination about finding military records, preparation and processes must be done to secure the data needed. Whatever you have to start with will need further steps and series of updating, upgrading and/or processing to make it complete and help you out for the search unto the final fixes needed to secure the official and authenticated record of the military personnel. It is therefore vital that personal copies of service documents as well as personal account of the military service performed by the veteran be accounted and listed down as guide and for further reference during the process.

How Military Records are Archived

Every country has its own archives and carry out different process on how records are kept, viewed or reproduced. It is therefore imperative for interested parties to initially find out the process and trail how records are archived to get and be able to systematically find the military personnel record and yield positive results in the most viable way.

Archival vs non-Archival of US Military Records

US Army veterans

The United States Army was America’s largest military branch mandated to perform land-based military operations. The US Army along with America’s Air Force, Coast Guard , Marine and the Navy form part the United States Armed Forces.  Each military branch were composed of enlisted men and women that serves as the driving force in defense of the United States of America. These combatant men and women are were experts and veterans in the full range defense operations of the country in support against domination threats and world wide conflicts against the US as well as providing assistance and contingents to its global allies.

Freedom of Information.

The Office of the US Veterans Affairs have classified locations on the archives of the US military service records. In accordance to the Freedom of information Act or the US FOIA. The law which took effect last December 2000, allows the public viewing and release of a veteran’s military records for general public use. The military record can be viewed and release with or without the veteran’s next of kin’s authoritative approval.

Records for the general public.

Military records are normally released only to the veteran or his/her next of kin seeking access to the document from the archive. However requests are being entertained by formally requesting the archives in writing. In the request, the veteran or next of kin must do the following:

How to request military records from the Archive.

  •   Specify the type of military records or information needed for viewing or copying.
  •   The request must be duly signed by the veteran or his/her duly recognized next of kin.
  • In addition, if the subject personnel was already deceased, proof of death such as his/her death certificate, letter from the funeral home or a published obituary may be required.

Basic information needed in requesting for military records.

Along with the written request to the Archive, provide the following basic information in order to properly locate the military records:

  • Complete name used by the military personnel.
  • Service number
  • Social security number
  • Branch of service
  • Dates of service
  • Date and place of birth (if the service number is not known).
  • If your records may have been destroyed during the 1973 fire, also include the following:
    • Designated place of discharge
    • Last unit of assignment
    • Place of enlistment into the service, if known.
  • All requests must be signed and dated by the veteran himself or the next-of-kin.
  • Should you be the next of kin of a deceased veteran, you must provide proof of death of the veteran such as a copy of the death certificate, letter from the funeral home, or a published obituary of the veteran.

Records that needed authorization.   In accordance with the FOI Act, certain limited information or records may likewise be allowed to the general public. if ever available, information such as name, designation while on service, awards and military education level may be released for general public knowledge about the veteran.

Addresses of Military Archives in the World.

The following archive places are some of the most sought data banks and government archives:

United States of America:

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138

United Kingdom:

The National Archives
Kew, Richmond, Surrey,


Treloar Crescent
Campbell ACT 2612

New Zealand:

Freyberg House
2-12 Aitken St
+64 4 496 0999


Service interministériel des Archives de France
56, rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75 141 Paris Cedex 03


Wiesentalstraße 10
79115 Freiburg

Finding Records for US Servicemen

SERVICEMAN-WITH-FLAG[from businessinsider]

If you are looking for US military recordsuse this database to find people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people in army, and discharged soldiers (both honorable and dishonorably discharged)

dogtagIn search for US military service records of missing family, friends or acquaintances who has been in the military service? If you are looking for military records in America , using a database for US servicemen and women who were  listed in the army, air force or the navy. Whether the person you are looking for was honorably or dishonorably discharged, locate any servicemen using the database for soldiers records.   Find service records online and search US army records of all listed US servicemen who have served and were assigned and rendered duty anywhere across the world.

US Army records

Army Records (find people in US military)

If you are looking for army records in the U.S., use this database to find military people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people in army, and discharged soldiers.
You can search online and find people in US military.

What kind of army records are you looking for? If you search for information about soldiers, past and present, or discharge records, you can search in online database.. You may search for people by first and last name.

How to find army records?

What are army enlistment records?

An army enlistment record is a military administrative file  of a military personnel containing the soldier’s qualifications, military performance and activities, awards, commendations and assignments. It also highlights the soldier’s military training, conduct, awards, commendation, retirement, separation and discharge from the military.

The official army enlistment records comprises about 8.7 million records of military men and women enlistments, transcriptions, dossiers, microfilms and other related data stored in official military repositories assigned by the government.

Military record research.

Many relatives of those looking for the army enlisted records brief of family members who were soldiers and have served the military may find the search process like an intricate labyrinth and often time consuming and exhaustive. But, thanks to the digital age and modern technological advancement on computers and the internet. Military records briefs as  well as can now be readily accessed by the military personnel, its next of kin and other interested parties.

Army enlisted records brief as well as medical record of most military personnel on file are now readily made available as army enlistment records briefs and army enlistment records genealogy through the army enlisted records brief website catering to provide service in researching for enlisted records brief of army personnel can now accommodate and be accessed online.

The ABCs of military record research.

A. Determine which type and nature of military service record you are searching for. Do  remember that nationality of the subject military personnel was a vital matter to determine. Every country where each of the subject military personnel belong with can list down or have different sets of requirements, protocols, rules and processes in securing records for their military personnel.

B.  Formulate a search plan. By listing down all important information about the subject military personnel. One of the best and proven way in any kind of military record searches was to include a consultation and advice of a reliable, efficient and expert on the subject matter. accept inquiries and can provide directives on this subject matter. Contact us for assistance and inquiries to help you find out more about dealings on securing information and documents on military service records.

C. Research Consultant.  The need for a reliable search partner and consultant  available for you to gather and assist you piece each information and clues gathered along the way like the role of an  Archivist specially trained with deep and extensive knowledge in safekeeping of records, documents and information was a vital aspect in the process. The role entails extensive knowledge and experience about history, detailing, analysis and organization of the records of the subject military personnel not only to piece evidences of their military records but basically recreating part of their lost lives to make it whole again.

In order to help you plan your search, the following pointers can help in planning for the search on how to find and secure military records of enlisted military servicemen.

  • List down all important information about the subject military serviceman. Things like full name, service number, rank, period,terms or duration of service, place of assignment and other details or information that pertains specifically to the subject soldier.
  • Request by securing and filling up the Standard Form 180(SF-180) form. The form can be reproduced if you are requesting for records of several military personnel. One form for the record of each requesting military serviceman. SF-180 is the form used in requesting information pertaining to the US military records of American servicemen.
  • The relatives or next-of kin of the military serviceman should file the accomplished and filled SF-180 to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) office.
  • Purpose or reason for the request (optional but advisable)
  • Date and Signature of the requesting military personnel or next of kin.

Uses of Army Enlistment Records:

  • The army enlistment records are needed as requirement for the claiming of benefits of  a US serviceman.
  • Military records were required as supporting documents for retirement, burial, financial and other military claims.
  • Military service records are needed for rank and medal upgrade of the concerned US military serviceman.
  • It is a requirement for military pension eligibility.
  • Military records aid in speeding up process of cadaver and body claims of the fallen US serviceman by its family and relatives.
  • The army enlistment records genealogy was a requirement for claiming bounty land warrants wherever applicable.
  • Military records are a requirement as proof or evidence for correction and/or upgrade of military records of a US serviceman.
  • World War 2 enlistment records are needed by US war veterans, its heirs and family in applying for military claims, service pension and other benefits.
  • Military records are needed as supporting documents in expatriation or US immigration application of the US serviceman’s next of kin and relatives.

Requirements in Finding Military Records

If you are a requesting family to the public service record of a soldier or a military serviceman be he or she was an enlisted personnel, a non-commissioned, junior, veteran or a full officer veteran in active service or as a reserve officer., the following data and information are valuable in the process of finding a military serviceman’s record.

Whether he or she has rendered services as an army, a marine, an airforce or a navy, The following information are vital and significant to help you find your kin’s military records.

  • Know the soldier’s full name including aliases
  • Military service number
  • Social security number
  • date and place of birth
  • inclusive date or term of military service
  • Place of military enlistment or registration(if ever available)
  • Place of of last known unit assignment or discharge
  • Current place or branch of assignment (for those still in active service)
  • Service enlistment number such as those found in his or her dog tag including blood type, inoculation and historical medical record.

In looking for US military records use this database to find people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people in the army for discharged soldiers (both honorable and dishonorably discharged). Finding army enlistment records as well and military records may not be that easy and often so troublesome and almost a headache. It is therefore a big relief for the family, friends and people who are searching for US military records to find them online.  These military records are needed significantly for the following reasons.

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Army discharge records

If you are looking for army enlistment military records in the U.S., use this database to find people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people of army enlisted records brief for US servicemen in army, and discharged soldiers (both honorable and dishonorable).

You can use this army enlistment records online to  search online army enlistment records for discharge records for the army, air force and marines.

There are several way in which a soldier may be discharged:

  • Honorable
    Soldier must receive a rating from good to excellent for service to be honorably discharged.
    Usually one need to have good duty performance and personal conduct, and completed tours of duty.
    Marines must rate in proficiency and conduct 3.0/4.0 or higher.
  • General
    If soldiers performance (and condoct) was good, but something was done wrong – in performance or conduct, he may get general (under honorable) discharge. It may cause problems in civilian life, for example in participation in the GI Bill and veterans commissions. A commander mus present, in writing, why soldier was dicharged not honorably, and discharged person may seek counsel and present his statements.
  • Clemency Discharge
    President Ford proclaimed this way for people who resisted Vietnam War (which war is a shame in U.S. history). It also allowed people who fleed form country to return.
  • Other Than Honorable (OTH)
    This is the worst form of discharge, that can be made by adminstrative decission, not in court. If a soldier seriously depart froom conduct and performance expected in army, he may be “Other Than Honorable” discharged, but has rigt to appeal to administrative discharge board.
  • Bad Conduct
    It is given by court-martial, soldier will not get veterans’ benefits.
  • Dishonorable
    For serial offense, like murders, general court-martial may dichage soldier in dishonorable way.


Each discharged soldier gets dd214 form from HRC. You can search for discharge records here.


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