Finding Records for US Servicemen

If you are looking for military records in the U.S., use this database to find people in army, air force and navy. This way you can locate people in army, and discharged soldiers (both honorable and dishonorably discharged)

In search for US military service records of missing family, friends or acquaintances who has been in the military service? If you are looking for military records in America , using a database for US servicemen and women who were  listed in the army, air force or the navy. Whether the person you are looking for was honorably or dishonorably discharged, locate any servicemen using the database for soldiers records.   Find service records online and search army records of all listed US servicemen who have served and were assigned and rendered duty anywhere across the world.

How US military records are archived?

As a general procedure in keeping and archiving the official Military Personnel File or OMPF,  undergo the so-called ‘rolling’ archiving wherein the official service record shall become archival 62 years after the separation from service of the subject military personnel. Hence, this signify that the official service record of every US servicemen and women who have served the military 1955 or 62  years prior to the current year (2016) were now ‘Archival’ and can be publicly accessed. Meanwhile, the official Military Personnel File or OMPF of US servicemen and women who have served the military from 1955 onwards are classified as ‘Non-Archival’ documents and therefore kept and maintained on their respective Federal repository which were likely to have access restrictions and not necessarily open to the public. Proper authorization to access or view might be needed for Non-Archival military records.


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