Navy records

What are  navy records?

Navy records are registers of naval records of enlisted seamen personnel stored in official record repositories assigned by the government. Aside from the US Navy personnel’s military records, the US Navy archive system also include administrative, historical, medical records in both of its personnel as well as other related documents such as collected drawings and scrolls. Even including microfilms and microfiche reports of ship plans as well as submarines and other navy vessels.

Although many of the navy military records can be searched online. They were however held by several naval records online  search archives which are either available through subscription or on a pay per view option. The process could be tedious and most often requires time and research assistance before full disclosure an/or release to the next of kin of the subject navy records search.

The US Navy archive system.

Although Naval records or The official US Naval Military Personnel File are held on several official government repositories, all requests and securing of US navy records of US navy personnel discharged, deceased or retired are advised to address their concern through the Naval command. And  in order to properly address each search request for the US naval records of the military personnel concerned, it will be best that you are familiar with how the US military records are archived.

Since 1995,there has been an issued directive coming from the US Navy central command that US Navy personnel records shall no longer be maintained at the government’s central record repository. The US Navy instead have collaborated into an agreement updating its legacy department with a system administered by an SSP enterprise archive system.

According to the status of the US service personnel or veteran,  US Naval records are held by designated government repositories according to the period of service or type of enlistment files below:

  • US Navy enlisted before 1/1/1885
  • US Navy enlistments before 1/1/1903,
  • US Navy enlistments from 1885 – 9/8/1939
  • US Navy enlistments from 9/9/1939 – 1/30/1994
  • US Navy enlistments from 1/1/1903 – 1/30/1994
  • US Navy enlistments from 1/31/1994 – 12/31/1994
  • US Navy enlistments from after: 1/1/1995
  • US Navy enlistments from Active, reserve, or the temporary disability retirement list (TDRL)
  • Naval Reserve members NOT currently on active duty, including those in the Ready Reserve (SELRES/IRR) and Standby Reserves (USNR-S1/USNR-S2)

The role of the archivist and professional research partner.

Researching for US Navy personnel records generally entails manual and hands on search routine. Partnering with a research expert or archivist was a vital part in finding your subject US Navy personnel records.



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