WW1 Army Records

Army records for the first World War

The Great War

The so called Great War or more famously known in world history as World War I which ignited in Europe starting from July 28, 1914 up to November 11, 1918 involved both military and civilian war personnel. More than 70 million enlisted military men and women as well as 60 million Europeans took part into this global combat.  And when the war reached through the United States, more than 4.7 million military men and women were listed to join the combined US forces under its regular, national and draft units assigned in different posts and war assignments.

WW1 Army Records

Registries and records kept of these enlisted war personnel though survived during the havoc of the first world war, the same barely survived the damage done by the following World War II era. And these surviving records have been digitized for safekeeping and preservation, most of it were readily available online and can be researched by interested parties.

US Army Records

Due to the large scope of area where military listings and registries have been kept and recorded, the WW1 army records of military personnel who participated during the war are generally organized and kept by each state repository in the United States. Army records for WW1 were indexed on several online genealogy websites as research facilities on information and historical war records of US army records.

US army records for the first World War gathered and recorded over time generally involves an enormous amount of records due to the span of its coverage and the number of American men and women who have been part of the so-called Great War. US army draft records alone numbers  approximately 24,000,000 million cards.

How US Army records are archived?

The US government body involved in the archiving of WW1 army records indexed them according to each federal state. By the year 1917, the records involve millions of enlisted US military forces for national, guard and draft units including those killed while on duty, discharged due to medical care, died by diseases and any other causes of death and separation from the service. Army records ww1 usually hold information about the soldier’s basic information listed below:

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Race
  • Citizenship
  • Profession
  • Personal details
  • Signature

For guidance on how US Army records are archived, Army Records suggests that you include this guideline to your search plan for all your military records research activity.

British Army Records WW1

army records ww1

ww1 army records


british army records ww1

World War I & the Allied Forces

WW1 Propaganda
[image by Guided History of Boston University]
Although the first world war affected most European nations. Great Britain was a key player in the first world war in opposition to the ruling central powers or the Quadruple Alliance dominated by Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria in the early 19th century. Great Britain comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and was largely referred to as the United Kingdom or British Empire. British Empire was one of the core of the so-called original Triple Entente alliance or Allied Forces formed between the French Republic, the British Empire and the Russian Empire which later included Italy upon its defection from the then ruling central powers claiming it’s alliance with the central powers was just a defense tactics against Germany and Austria-Hungary. Italy’s defection soon made other countries like Japan, Belgium, Serbia and others follow alliance to become affiliates of the Entente against the central powers.

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